Me And My Photography


I suppose you could say I’m having a mid life crisis. It all started with the car, you see. Up until a couple of years ago I had been driving an awfully sensible Saab estate, but when that blew up towing our  caravan to the coast, decisions had to be made. Which is why I ended up with a cracking little MX5 and he got the seven seater estate. I had immense fun driving that little car and when the top was down there was definitely a lift in my spirits. And that was all there was to it for the next eighteen months. When I made my next life changing decision, taking my pension early and walking out of my reasonably secure job just because I was fed up with it. Don’t worry though, I did find another job, but one where I feel far less stressed and, as I was allowed to choose the times I worked, I now have long stretches of time on my hands. Time which I can now spend on my favourite hobbies. Many years ago now I had an old Canon SLR which I took everywhere with me, snapping at anything that stood still long enough for me to capture it. The results were, quite often, not worth the developing cost, but every now and then I captured something good. Not dispirited in any way I bought my first DSLR bridge camera and carried on snapping my way through Europe, China and a tiny bit of America, usually being followed around by bored relatives waiting for me to be done. Only now there was no limit to how many pictures I could take! The years have rolled by and I continue to enjoy my photography, now being the proud owner of a full DSLR with multiple lenses. However, photography is not my only passion. Around the time I got my first digital camera my husband, a sign writer, introduced me to a little piece of software called Photoshop. So now I could turn my photos into works of art as well. Some of my first attempts looked very dodgy, but over time I have improved and am never short of a Christmas or birthday present when needed! I am self taught in both my hobbies and still experimenting.


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